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This video (click here) was sent to kenanausa.com by our supplier mentioned below as the USA Distributor. Sounds like a great party and we will show pictures when we receive them!

2008 Kenana Knitters Party. The knitters Christmas party having been delayed until January 22nd was a huge success. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. First was the official part, with a speech from Paddy to say well done for a successful year, and suggestions for improvements in 2009. Then awards for 2008 were handed out by Gloria Delaney, our USA distributor, much to everyone’s delight… some danced all the way to Gloria, and back! It was generally agreed that Paddy herself needed an award…’Longest service Award’! There were songs sung, prayers said, and a comic play was performed, about AIDS, by the knitters’ children and Naureen Waithera, who was the organizer. By the time this was all over everyone was ready for the feast that was put on of delicious stew, rice and veggies. We even had carrot cake for pudding for Gloria to blow out her candles. All in all it was a fabulous day and everyone went home with a full stomach, exhausted but smiling. Check out the Kenana Party Video!

About Kenana Knitter Critters

All products are made with home spun wool, dyed with natural plant dye, and knitted with love by a huge group of happy women in Kenya. Each piece is signed by the woman who knitted it.

The Kenana Knitters group enables its workers to directly benefit from their efforts and create a self-sufficient community. With your purchases, we have been able to increase employment drastically in both Kenya and the United States, provide full physicals and ongoing medical treatment for each knitter and their families. We have even begun construction on a school located within the farm boundaries.

Our products range from African animals to funky scarves and hats. We produce items to suit all occasions whether you need to find an original christening gift, or an accessory that will get you noticed on the top of Mount Kenya.

Every toy made is another woman paid!

“Best of all, they provide higher-than-fair-trade pay for the women that knit them.”

Our Sheep are Growing…
Our Knitters are Knitting…
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Your order will be fulfilled as soon as womanly possible!

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